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Diego Rivera Questions – From Grade Six – Chimney Hill Elementary April 2012

We did some research on Diego Rivera today – a simple webquest using the following URL –

The instruction IS to come up with a list of 5 questions that their group had about Diego Rivera, more specifically, questions that would not be answered from the text material.

The following is a list of questions that we came up with – please keep in mind that the students are greatly diverse in their communications and literary skills.

I was thinking that maybe we could have you choose a few questions that you think would stimulate discussion between your students and mine,… and I will have the kids who posed those questions, participate in the Skype discussion .. what do you think?

Mary and Aarsh:
1. Why did he want to become a artist in the first place?
2. Since Diego's father was a National Department of Public Health and travel around the world very often, did Diego get to see his father often?
3. How did they get to know each other to be a happy couple? 
4. Why would he like to marry another woman?
5. Why did he want to complete the mural so badly?

Becca and Darshan's Questions About Diego Rivera
1. Is the Academy of San Carlos still in operation?
2. How many children did he have in total?
3. Does the Labour Union of Technical Workers, Painters and Sculptors still exist?
4. What did the new art instructor do to make him completely leave the entire school?
5. What inspired him to become an artist? 

Questions from Adijah and Jessica:
1. Did Rivera actually love his past wives? Or did he just marry them because of other reasons? (For example: Financial, Structure, Business, or he might have just married them because their parents or someone that is close to them is rich or higher "place" them him to get promoted or known worldwide.) Since he also married his dealer, it might be because he wants her to do more things for him and take advantage of her....
2. Since Rivera doesn't believe in God (as proof of his slogan "God does not exist"), does he have a different kind of religion, or is he an atheist (meaning he doesn't have any religion)?
3. Where did Rivera's ideas come from? Does he get them from his past experiences, his wives, or from the places that he has traveled to? 
4. Why did Rivera have many paintings of Calla Lilies (Also known as "Alcatraces")? Is there a meaning to them? Are they for his wives, or family? Hmm.... 
5. Why did Rivera still paint those paintings with the slogan "God does not exist", even though he knows many people are against that thought? Isn't he a very "smart" and "clever" man? (He really is stubborn...) 

Malvin and Harshvir
) Who were Diego Riveria's parents?
2) What inspired Diego Rivera to become an artist?
3) How many kids did Diego Rivera have in total?
4) Was the studio Diego Rivera got from his father put to use while Diego was unable to read or write?
5) Why did Deigo's dad put Diego in military school?

Diego Zubair and Josh
1. What made Diego interested in art?
2.What was Diego first painting?
3.Did Diego have any brothers or sisters?
4.How much money did Diego have?
5.What was Diego's most expensive painting?

Priya D and Alex
1: Why are painters always so sad and lonely?
2: Does his sadness and experiance help him express his feelings in paintings?
3:Why was Trotsky assassinated?
4: Do you think all of his marriages helped him with his sadness?
5:Why do you think he got married four times?

Grace, Priya S and Ashika
1: Out of all murals the Diego Rivera has which one has been the most viewed?
2: What made Diego Rivera have the urge to paint at such a young age?
3: How many paintings did Diego Rivera have until his died? What happened to Diego's paintings when he died?
4: At a maximum how long did it take for Diego to finish one mural?
5: Did Diego ever take a break from painting throughout his life and did he keep all his paintings?

Nabaa and Sukhneet
1)What inspired Rivera to become an artist? 
2)Why did Rivera and Frida Kahlo get divorced?
3)Why did Rivera create the slogan that says “God does not exist”?
4)Why did Frida Kahlo gets re-married to Rivera?
5)Why did one of Rivera’s works get removed in 1952. This time, it was in the Palacio Nacional de Bellas Artes, where his painting of The Nightmare of War and the Dream of Peace included Stalin and Mao Tsetung was it offensive?

Justin and Angelica
1. Why did Diego's father put(enrolled) him in a military school, even though Diego wanted to be an artist?
2. Why does Diego think everyone should enjoy painting? 
3. Why was Diego unhappy with his new art instructor of the school after he quit the military school? Did Diego not like the style of art he taught?
4. Is it because of his old age that caused him to have a heart failure? 
5. What caused Frida to pass away? 

Kenver and Harmanjot
1. What inspired Diego in art?
2. Did he have a child with Maria Gutierrez?
3. What made him think of making his paintings of mothers?
4. Why did he move to Mexico when he was 10 years old?
5. How come he was unhappy with the new art director at the academy?

Aashi and Hanisha's question
1  Did he miss his previous wife before he married another?
2   What is one of his famous paintings?
3   How old was Diego when he died?
4   How did his heart fail? Did he take something to destroy his heart?
5   Where did he get his inspiration?

Bianca and Conner
Diego Rivera's 5 Questions

1) What had inspired Diego Rivera to become an artist? 
2) Did Diego travel across the world to learn about the different arts of each country?
3) What happened to his parents? 
4) How did Diego's last wife die? 
5) Why did Diego and Frida get divorced when they got re-married? 

From Arti and Victoria,
1. Did he use the studio before the age of ten? 
2. Was the studio meant for art, or something else?
3. Why did Diego and Frida get remarried, even after a divorce?
4. Why was he so interested in painting pictures with flowers in them?
5. Did Diego have any kids with his wife Emma Hurtardo?

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